Give your brain a vacation

Insights from the leadership planet by Eve and Eli

We work hard and our brains rest, process and re-charge as we sleep. When we though have been in a longer period of stress and hard work a night’s sleep might not be enough to fully re-charge our brains.

So therefore, when summer vacation is on it’s way, make sure to give your brain vacation as well. How we do this is ofcourse very individual but I heard a professor involved in brain reseach providing a few tips

  1. Prepare closing down before your vacation (you might even plan for when you will return) so that you can leave in peace.
  2. Use the impact being out in nature (forest, lakes etc) – it has a positive effect on you brain, can calm you down, can make you sleep better etc. A lot of reseach is down on how phytoncides from trees has positive affect on us human beings.
  3. Make sure to plan for pauses and even to become a bit bored during your vacation – it is a great way to wind down
  4. Make sure to be a bit selfish – what do YOU need to do to re-charge your brain

So let us give our brains some vacation to make sure to boost memory capacity, efficiency and creativity

We wish you (and your brain) a great vacation.

More to come from Insights from the leadership planet by Eve and Eli

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