Outplacement & Career Development

In times of change it is important that both managers and employees are supported in the process. For you, as a manager, it is important that you understand and manage change effectively. For you as an employee, you will reach your goals faster and easier when you are supported by a career coach.

Our offerings include:

Individual outplacement and career development
The programme is structured into three steps.

  1. Together we map your skills, abilities and personal qualities. What do you want? What values ​​are important to you? What motivates and drives you? Which is your competitive edge?
  2. We coach you to find out what you want and in what type of role. We train you in how to effectively use different ways to go to market as well as how to build your own network.
  3. In the third step we are your sounding board and follow you on your journey to something new. In addition, we practice and train interviews, how you present and market yourself and negotiate in an effective way.

Support for managers
Workshop - Leading in change.
You get tools to understand how the organization and employees react to a change, what you need to do as a manager and trained in how to communicate and handle reactions. In addition we train you in carrying out courageous conversations.

Individual support - coaching.
On an individual basis you get the opportunity to focus on and get support regarding your own challenges and issues in a change process.