Coaching for individuals and teams

We base our coaching on who you are, your present situation and what you want to achieve, become or develop into. As coaches we help you formulate what is really important, set goals that inspire you and make plans for reaching the desired results. It is coaching that will give you energy and motivation.

Our offerings include:

Individual coaching
Our way of coaching follows a proven process which we know will get you the results you are looking for. A coaching program usually lasts 3-12 months and the sessions will be held every 2-4 weeks. The focus of the coaching is unique for each person. It can be about setting specific goals, managing a new challenge, sort out thoughts before making an important decision, doing something you have wanted to do or achieve for a long time or increase self confidence. Whatever the focus might be, you will during the process learn more about yourself.

Group coaching
In a group consisting of 6-10 people you and the rest of the group will be coached in a way that brings both learnings and results. You learn from the experiences from both the others and from your own work. You get inspired by the results you and the others get during the process. You will at the same time develop your listening and coaching skills. Between the sessions you will work with your goals and tasks.