About us

We offer services and expertise within Leadership Development, Coaching, Change Management, Outplacement/Career Development and Recruitment.

Whatever the service, your results are our primary focus. You will be met with great dedication, a pragmatic approach and responsiveness.

4Focus is part of the international network Career Star Group. We also have a network of partners throughout Sweden and in the Nordics.

We are all senior consultants with experience from various sectors and different leadership positions. Among our customers you will find both smaller and larger companies, domestic as well as international organisations.

Career Star Group (CSG)

  • CSG is our international network, who delivers high quality services within Change Management, Career Development, Outplacement and Development of leaders and teams.
  • CSG supports organisations, leaders and employees to effectively manage change, with a human touch, in challenging situations.
  • CSG has global expertise combined with high local competence, as we understand that each situation is unique that demands bespoke solutions.
  • You can find CSG in over 100 countries with in over 1000 offices.
  • To see more about our international capability - please go to www.careerstargroup.com


4Focus create sustainable development by attracting and developing leaders and employees to deliver results and make a difference to their organizations. With high competence, strong commitment and in close cooperation with you, we deliver concrete results.


Results oriented