Top Tips to Build Energy and Motivational Level When Working From Home During the Pandemic

Last year organisations and individuals had to adapt to a new normal due to the pandemic. Many companies are having a hard time due to the current pandemic, while other companies are actually doing much better. However, most organisations have had to change their way of working, as large parts of the staff work from home and digital meetings have become everyone's everyday life. For some, this way of working is really good, but for others, and above all for the team spirit, it means a greater challenge. It requires much more from the leaders and their leadership and also from their own self-leadership. It is important to find a good structure for your own work as well as maintaining your energy and motivation levels.

So how can we then deal with both the pandemic as well as being in the middle of the darker winter months. How do we keep up energy and motivation?

What gives energy and motivation is different for different people, but basically it is about creating a desire to do things. Our brain needs challenges and is rewarded for its effort. Think about what usually charges your batteries - both professionally and privately. Some things you may not be able to do in the same way as before the pandemic but think about how you can do something that gives similar results or feeling.

Some tips that can be useful: 

Top up the batteries

  • Get energy from other people, keep in touch with people who inspire and challenge you (and try to avoid those who take energy from you).
  • It's good to get out for a while during the day when it's bright - plan a short lunch walk around the neighbourhood every day or have more walk-and-talk meetings whenever possible.
  • Make a list of things that give you energy and inspiration, which can be anything from books, seminars or TED talks.
  • Make sure you have things to look forward to. Usually this might have been a trip or event. Now is the time to find alternative things to look forward to.
  • Do not forget that in addition to moving, we need to eat well, which can easily suffer when normal routines are shaken up.

Goals and planning

  • Set up a structure that makes it easier for you. If you work at home, for example, make sure to create a structure that makes work and private life different (even though the workplace is the kitchen table).
  • Set reasonable goals and expectations. It can be good to have long-term goals so you know where you are going, but do not forget the short-term goals that you can be rewarded relatively quickly.
  • Do not forget to “celebrate” - it is too easy to just jump to the next thing without having time to reflect or feel good about what we have actually achieved.
  • It is not always what we do that makes us tired, but what we do not do. Finish things or decide not to do it. Bad consciences definitely do not provide good energy.


  • Sometimes it's a just a bad day - so what! Thank goodness there are new days.
  • Maybe you need to make a comeback – here in Sweden we know how long the darkness lasts, but the pandemic is more unpredictable and has already lasted a long time. Have you set up temporary solutions? Think one more time about what can be good in the long run.
  • Motivation and energy unfortunately do not come by themselves - set aside time to recharge your batteries. Also, do not forget to give energy to others, this usually gives you energy back!


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