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If you do what you have always done you will get the results that they always have gotten! Recognize it?
We often try to find proof that confirms what we already believe, and we seek patterns and correlations even though they might not be any (just because two things seem to have a correlation it does not need be so).
In a creative process general and accepted truths can mislead us. We do not want to seem ignorant therefore rather rely on established facts, perceptions and beliefs in order to pretend that we know it.
Daring to challenge accepted truths, admit to ignorance and not being afraid of testing and potentially failing is a good basis for daring to think differently – outside the box. There are clear benefits training the brain to think differently regarding both small and larger problems. One problem that no one has succeeded in cracking can be resolved if it is addressed from a new angle. How we define a problem is often affected by others’ views and it affects our ability to find solutions. If we ask the wrong questions, we will most likely get the wrong answer.
Experiments are unusual in the corporate world – to dare to have a place to test new ideas, ask unconventional questions and challenge the ingrained perceptions. It requires that we dare to say – “I do not know, but I will do what I can to find out“.
What if we just focus on the available facts and ignore accepted beliefs and perceptions? What if we could challenge each other in how problems are defined and dare to think new and differently. What if we dared – think of all the wonderful and smart solutions and ideas we could come up with!

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